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I am a business consultant providing business startup, marketing, management, financial, and merger/acquisition consulting and advice. I also use my expertise to help prepare professional business plans to help new businesses succeed and obtain financing. Over the past 24 years I have been an entrepreneur, starting ten of my own businesses and launching numerous well known brands. Several of these were later acquired by major corporations.

Some of the businesses and brands I started then sold include: (acquired by Qwest Communications), Q Network (provider of Web site services to 3000 radio & TV stations, newspapers & magazines, acquired by Mainstream Capital), (one of the Internet's first entertainment portals, acquired by the Walt Disney Company), Classroom Computer (acquired by Educational Acquisition Corp.), (acquired by idealab!), and (acquired by Bell South). [MORE DETAILS]

In addition to running my own businesses, I spend several hours each week consulting by telephone with small business owners, as well as executives at large corporations, providing unique guidance and advice.

My greatest strength is seeing "outside the box." I view business challenges as opportunities for change and improvement. I often find simple, creative business solutions that others may miss. I can help you develop your business in ways that will lower costs, increase profits, and offer the greatest opportunity for long term success and prosperity.

Some of the things I can help with include:
  • Preparing an effective business plan. [MORE DETAILS]
    The foundation of a successful business is a strong business plan. I can help you create a professional business plan that will capture the interest of bankers and investors.
  • Test marketing a new product or service.
    Maximize revenue by fine-tuning new items before bringing them to the mass market. I will show you how to do so, quickly and easily.
  • Negotiating lower prices from suppliers.
    Each dollar saved per transaction is the same as an extra, tax-free, dollar earned. I will teach you effective cost negotiating strategies.
  • Pricing your products/services correctly.
    Set your prices too high and you won't get enough sales, set them too low and you won't earn enough profits. I will help you devise the best pricing strategies.
  • Attracting new customers.
    Are you spending lots of money on advertising but not finding enough new customers? I will teach you how to bring in new customers even without advertising.
  • Achieving more repeat business.
    It is a lot easier to sell to a repeat customer than to find a new one. I will teach you the important keys to establishing a successful long-term relationship.
  • Designing more cost-effective advertising.
    Companies usually spend more money on ad campaigns than they will ever earn from them. I will teach you how to make your ad dollars succeed.
  • Spending marketing dollars effectively.
    You have a choice where to spend your marketing dollars: direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, etc. I will teach you what works and what doesn't so you can make the best marketing decisions.
  • Increasing operation efficiency.
    Each minute an employee wastes transforms into lost revenue. These can add up to thousands of lost hour per year. I will teach you how to streamline your operation, thereby increasing profits.
  • Minimizing personnel costs.
    I will teach you how to hire the most competent and efficient employees, those that will do the best work at the least cost to your business.
  • Contract negotiations.
    When negotiating a major purchase, sale, lease, etc., you have the opportunity to lose or gain thousands of dollars for your business within minutes. I will teach you how to gain the negotiating advantage, and maximize each contract you negotiate.
  • Minimizing fees paid to attorneys.
    Many businesses find their legal fees adding up to thousands of dollars, but are not realizing substantial benefit from the advice they receive. While attorneys may seem to want to help your business, their primary incentive is to bring in money for their law corporation, not to reduce your costs. I will teach you how to take control of your attorney relationship so that you can get the advice you need without paying too much.
  • Negotiating the sale or purchase of a business.
    There are times when you may want to sell all or part of your business. Or, perhaps, you want to purchase an existing business to expand your offerings. More than any other contract negotiation, thousands or millions of dollars can be on the line. You will pay the price for making a poor decision for years to come. Make good decisions, and you could find yourself increasing your net worth overnight. I will teach you how to negotiate this difficult path to maximize long term gain. (You can read several of my business sale suggestions in a recent issue of The Channel Insider.)
  • Raising cash during difficult times.
    Are you finding it difficult to pay invoices on time, even while your business is bringing in substantial income? Perhaps credit accounts are paying you too slowly? Perhaps you have a lot of money tied up in inventory? I will show you how to raise cash to keep finances flowing smoothly.
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